CNN Can't Stop Pimping Its Election-Night Holographic Toy

Seven minutes before the polls closed, CNN decided to show off their new super power hologram technology just one more time, by "beaming in" Obama supporter and musician Wil.I.Am, Princess Leia-style, from his Chicago location. We'd seen Wolf Blitzer toying with the virtual-commentator equipment all night, but watching Cooper and Wil.I.Am. name check both Star Trek and Star Wars within five seconds of speaking to each other was by far the funniest moment of this surreal election night.Call me crazy but was Wil.I.Am about to correct Mr. Cooper when he compared their new tech to Star Trek, because the hologram messaging method is clearly more Star Wars than Star Trek. Or is the Silver Fox trying to weasel is way into my nerdy heart even deeper?


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Gah! The technology, while nifty, is *not* holographic. The images it produces are *not* holograms.

While it's impressive that they're taking the video feeds from 35 cameras, combining them into a 3D representation, tracking the positions of the cameras in each studio and splicing the resultant image into the video feed, it's still Hollywood special effects and gaming 101 graphics.

We are *not* talking about actual holograms here. Neither Wolf Blitzer nor anyone else in that studio actually sees a floating, 3D image in front of them. It's all done on-screen.

For details on what a hologram *really* is, check out the Wikipedia page: []