Apparently It's News That People Watch Battlestar Galactica

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If you enjoy Battlestar Galactica, I should probably tell you: Apparently, you're not alone. It turns out that more than just nerds love the show, and they'll even talk publicly about it. Who knew?


Variety's Battlestar Galactica Farewell is meant to be a respectful tribute to the SciFi Channel series as it approaches its final episode, but there's just something oddly clumsy about the execution:

"Battlestar Galactica" had an impact far beyond hardcore sci-fi fans. Below, some explain why the show is important to them — or simply important.

Their choice of "non-hardcore" fans is interesting and also somewhat patronizing to all involved; there's an element of "A Rabbi watches it too! OMG!" and some of those talking about the show strain a little too far in trying to explain that it's more than "just" a science fiction show, honestly; for example, PBS' David Brancaccio:

The series also answers an economic question that has been nagging at me in the wake of our present financial meltdown. With prospects so bleak, why are all these people with me on the commuter train headed toward Wall Street each weekday still doing it? It is not likely the profit motive, if you have seen your latest quarterly investment statement. Again, think of "Battlestar Galactica": all these people in desperate straits, still doing their jobs, even the civilians.

Others explain that the show teaches you all you ever need to know about strategy, religion and politics. Apparently, we could cancel every other show on television and BSG would satisfy our every craving perfectly well.

The magazine's coverage also includes one director's experiences on the show, David Weddle talking about how it was to be a writer for the series and, most interestingly, looks at the way that SciFi hopes that Caprica will demolish Galactica's gender barrier:

"We want people to come to this who've never heard of 'Battlestar Galactica,' " explains Sci Fi prexy Dave Howe, whose network has ordered 20 hours of the new series. "I think there was a barrier to entry for some viewers (for 'Galactica'), since it had the backdrop of space and spaceships."

Moore concurs, saying "We had viewers say that if they were able to trick their wives or girlfriends into watching 'Galactica,' they loved it."

But with the name "Battlestar Galactica" "screaming science fiction," he adds, "there was just such a high hurdle to get female viewers to even try it."


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Anyone else kind of sick of them blathering on about the "gender barrier"?

I mean... it's admirable that they are trying to reach out to women I suppose. Scifi in general feels a little more male-oriented to me.

But... gosh. "I had to trick my darn fickle, simpleminded wife to even watch the show, cuz it had big, scary, masculine SPACE SHIPS in it, a-hyuck"... that's incredibly patronizing.

I'm a woman, and I have loved the show since the pilot. My husband is the one in our household who doesn't like it. And my status as a fan has nothing to do with overcoming "hurdles" of spaceships. Seriously. Not all women are only attracted to sparkleh and movies with Kate Hudson acting like an idiot.

I am interested in seeing just how they design Caprica to appeal to women. Also, I am curious as to how many more women are involved behind-the-scenes with the production compared to BSG. Did they bother to actually HIRE more women to work on the show? Or do the all-knowing men really know what's best, and how to best lure us from watching TV movies on The Lifetime Channel?

Women who like SciFi already, as it is, without being dumbed down or designed to capture our poor, addled brains FTW!