How BSG's Laura Roslin Gets Money To Burn

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Final proof that you should never screw with a Battlestar Galactica fan — some overseas scammers got a taste of their own medicine, courtesy of Saul Tigh and Laura Roslin.


A poster on the official BSG forum says he posted an ad on Craigslist trying to sell his mom's old range. He said at the bottom of the post: "Local only - Cash only. If you are a scammer, I will scam you right back using fake Battlestar Galactica names." Despite this warning, three scammers got in touch, offering to send him a cashier's check from an overseas country.

Even though the guy was only asking for $330, all three checks arrived for around $4000 each. Oops, the scammers said, we sent you too much money. Can you deposit the check and then wire us the money back, minus the $330 plus a little more for your trouble? (Of course, the checks will eventually bounce, but by then they've got your money.)

But the wily BSG fan had told them to send checks in the names of Laura Roslin, Saul Tigh, and Gaius Baltar. And he has the pictures of the checks to prove it. So the scammers were out $50 each for overnight delivery of these phoney checks. And Laura Roslin got a handsome check for $3,500 to help her buy a new Book Of Pythia on eBay. (Those holy prophecies aren't cheap, you know!)

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[Sci Fi Forums, thanks Sean!]



If he keeps it up he should be able to buy that Viper that never sold at the auction. Kudos to you sir.

As someone who has devoted more time than I should, and the language skills of my Dutch wife (as these people are often supposedly from the Netherlands), to screwing with people like this I give you mad respect.