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I'll be liveblogging Battlestar Galactica on PST, so watch this space with that in mind. For the rest of you, feel free to start commenting whenever the spirit moves you. Spoilers ahead!


Just read all your SPOILERY comments as I got ready to settle down with some ice cream and warm up ye olde plasma screen. All I can say is that old people having sex rules, and I can't wait to see it. So there. Also, Gaeta having sex is good too. Kthx.

I like how in the intro we suddenly get this weirdly intimate look at Adama's toiletries for the first time.

I'm liking the Happy Tigh and Mama Six scenario. "The Cylon nation will survive," says Number Six, looking at a computer-generated image of her computer-generated baby. Intriguing - an emerging cylon nationalism. And Gaeta is the first person to express disgust with the idea of cylon sovereignty. Interesting.

I also like watching the government slowly crumble as Roslin goes AWOL. Or rather, not crumbling but turning more and more into a military-run institution. At this point I think we can say for sure that in many ways BSG is a show that honestly believes a military-run nation is probably better than one run by civilians. After all, our civilians are sort of crazy like Roslin, or extremely partisan like Zarek. Only Lee and the Admiral seem like reasonable options for running the Fleet, and they are military.

Oh, there's that KY ad. I'm so glad BSG is sponsored by KY.

"Frak the Quorum," says Saul in a meeting about how to proceed with the cylon-human alliance. Nice. I like this little military confab with Adama and some of the final five, plus the cylon-loving Helo. I look forward to the cylon-human alliance - it actually does make sense now that we understand that the cylon are not a monolithic group and in fact are fragmented into factions. At least Adama admits that inviting the Cylon into the fleet is a political decision he can't make without input from pissy-face President Lady.


I will admit, I really am sick of Roslin. She needs to buck up.

Also, why is it that whenever Callie is around - even when she's just being mentioned - everything turns into LiveJournal drama? Seriously, did we really need a Questioning Paternity Moment with Tyrol discovering that his baby isn't really his baby? And needs a kidney? Soapy!


Even more soapy is the strange scene with pissy-face Prez dividing up her drugs. Is that her LSD stash? Or her anti-cancer drugs?

Also, best commercial ever: Planet Raptor!!!!

I like seeing Roslin do her sexy yoga stuff. But I don't like seeing Adama tell her what she should think about the cylons. I thought it was going to be her decision! Now he's saying, "An alliance is critical." Alliance is only good if we can see Tyrol get all uppity about cylon technology again. Smokin Tyrol!


Also, contrary to what a lot of people have said, I think the Newly Bitchy Gaeta is kind of fun. He's really doing a giant Gossip Girl routine on Starbuck, trying to bait her about marrying a cylon. "Maybe you're a cylon too," says Gaeta. "At least I'm not a gimp," she says. And now he's snarking at her about pity fraks? Gaeta! Snap!

Zarek is BSG's idea of what Tom Hayden would be like if he became a politican in the future. Or maybe a future white guy Malcolm X? He's certainly a separatist, as we can see in this scene where he leads the Quorum in a vote to separate from the cylon fleet. What the hell, not letting cylons board human ships? Is the same guy who advocates for "the people"? I guess only if the people are human. Lousy human bastard!


I'm concerned about this whole post-commercial break moment. So Roslin is doing the Death Jog? Is that what that is? Meanwhile, closeup on Adama's toiletries. Plus toothpaste drool. I didn't want to see that.

I also didn't want to see Adama telling Roslin "we need you to be president" as if he cares what she thinks or really actually wants her to be president. He just cares that he can manipulate her! And he's worried that he can't control Zarek with his sexy, toothpasty ways.


Baltar is proof that cult leaders lose their power when they cut their hair. Though I guess the boy band hair should appeal to his female demographic. If he was smart, he'd get the future version of Twilight author Stephenie Meyer to come in and invent a religion for him. Of course the Baltar cult room is where Tyrol confronts his baby daddy. Baltar is the locus of all sex drama on this show. Well, Baltar and Gaeta now.

Alright enough with this bitchy, gossipy crap. Now we're into the part of the plot I find fascinating: The fragmentation of the fleet along what amount to racial lines. Some humans are attacking cylons, and now Zarek is whipping the humans into a frenzy of anti-cylon violence. Why are future leftists so mean?


So Zarek inspired an assload of human rebels to abscond with the Fleet's entire fuel supply, and Adama says "Some days I hate this job." Isn't that a little too Bruce Willis for Adama? I dunno.

OMG Hotdog really is Tyrol's baby daddy! I love the whole daddy bonding thing between Hotdog and Tyrol. Cute.


The "use of deadly force is authorized" moment with Adama vs. Zarek is great - now we're laying bare what's at stake here. Plus how about Adama using the old "law and order" line on Zarek after revealing that he's been (illegally?) wiretapping Zarek in every possible way? Excellent. What exactly is in all Zarek's personal messages that's so damaging that he calls it "blackmail" when Adama threatens to reveal it? Does he have like IM logs where he hit on teenage boy interns or something?

Oh I see - those papers were laundry reports. Adama was bluffing. So crafty!

Now that Gaeta is meeting with Zarek I'm thinking that the new twist should be that Gaeta and Zarek are lovers. I'm glad that Gaeta is finally embracing his dark political side and joining up with Zarek. He's a political and sexual slut. That's a good combination when you think about it.


And I'm glad that Adama and Roslin finally hooked up, dammit! Do you think that was their first time? Kinda sucks that they had to do it on that single bed. You'd think they could at least have hunted down the presidential suite with a queen bed, right?

So how was the episode overall?

My BSG date says, "Kind of interesting."

As for me, I think that all the buildup to the mutiny with Zarek and Gaeta was great. I'm also intrigued to see what develops with Tigh and Six. I could have used a little less Callie-associated sex drama though. But then again, I always say that.



R.O.A.C.H. Creates ACyclicUniverse

I could not disagree with you more regarding Adama's motives.

His desire to see Roslin back in office springs from *concern*, not cold-hearted political manipulation.

Laura's current state is perhaps the most disturbing turn of character we've seen on this show thus far, and the audience isn't the only one who knows it. She's skipping out on treatments, she thre away her meds and now she's exerting herself, all of which can't help her cancer.

Bill knows that the one thing that kept her going in previous years was the dedication to the fate of humanity, via her job as President.

Not manipulation, but love. That is his motivation.