Man Becomes Cyborg For The Sake Of Art

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Take a close look at that picture. There's no camera trickery going on, and no special effects; that man really does have an LED implanted in his right eye socket. And that's only the beginning.


The man in question is Canadian filmmaker Rob Spence, and don't worry; the LED is only temporary. But that's not because he's going to replace it with a regular false eye. Instead, he plans on replacing it with a wireless digital camera feeding footage to a computer that records everything that comes into his line of sight on an ongoing basis. The purpose for this? To "provide a unique perspective on the way video surveillance is becoming more popular in western societies," Spence told New Scientist.

And if you're wondering why he has an LED in his eye in the first place, it wasn't just because it looks cool - it was a test to prove that a working electronic device and power source would fit in there in the first place.


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