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Phaser All The New Friends You'll Meet On Star Trek's MMO

Illustration for article titled Phaser All The New Friends Youll Meet On Star Treks MMO

New clips from the Star Trek MMO show a giant collection of avatars and ships blasting each other. But it still looks mighty pretty.


Craig Zinkievich from Cryptic Studios took some time to show a few new bits of the Star Trek MMO and talk about how deep and layered this game is going to be, and how much it shows of the post-Nemesis future. We're especially excited that you can become a one-eyed Klingon. They also talk a little bit more about one of the possible objectives of the games, besides shooting everyone.


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K'arg claims he lost the eye in duel of honor when he was jabbed with a Bat'leth when really he lost it in a Klingon Fondue accident.