Find Out How Liam Neeson Abuses Christina Ricci's Body In After.Life

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Justin Long, Ricci's co-star in horror film After.Life shed some details about this diabolical little movie about a mortician (Liam Neeson)'s secret laboratory of horrors. Sounds like Ricci is in for some mad science.


In an exclusive interview with Shock Til You Drop, Justin Long pulled the shroud off the diabolical plans for tormenting Ricci in After.Life. Ricci (who plays Long's lady friend) gets in a seemingly fatal car accident, and wakes up in the funeral home.

"It's going to be genuinely creepy and disturbing" Long explained. "She gets taken in by this mortician Liam Neeson plays. She wakes up on the table as he's preparing her body. She's obviously quite confused and he convinces her he's a medium for the after life [and] she's really dead, but she's in this purgatory state when in fact he's injecting her full of...there are in fact chemicals that make the body appear as if it's dead."


Far out, my friends - after seeing Neeson in Taken I know that there really isn't anything this man can't do, so I'm quite thrilled at the idea of him playing someone this warped. Read the rest of the interview over at Shock.

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I would do unspeakable things to Christina Ricci. Well, wait, is licking speakable?