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What If Philip K. Dick Was Worshipped As A Prophet Instead Of L. Ron Hubbard?

Illustration for article titled What If Philip K. Dick Was Worshipped As A Prophet Instead Of L. Ron Hubbard?

Over on an anti-Scientology forum, someone asked a really good question: What if Philip K. Dick had become a religious figure instead of the much worse science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard? The resulting religion would be a lot cooler.


Writes member "humphrey" over at WhyWeProtest:

If Scientology were pretty much exactly the same but centered around Philip K Dick, my god — I'd want in, for his secret scriptures! The lectures on cosmogony! The resonant gnostic insights that made PKD's work so mythic!


The discussion devolves into some weird irrelevant stories about strange experiences with science-fiction authors and their cult followings. But there's also a nice thread where people ask which other SF authors would have been good choices to start a religion. The main recommendations: Isaac Asimov (his religion would have had a more thought-out cosmology) and Frederik Pohl.

But I bet we can come up with some other good ones — which classic (or recent) SF authors would you prefer to see as religious founders, rather than Hubbard? [Why We Protest]

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Yeah but PKD's work is so full of paranoia that in his religion you would think that God is actually walking among you and secretly plotting against you. He could be your friend, or your co-worker or that panhandler on the street. Or he could be all of them.