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Producer: Don't Give Up On The Sarah Connor Chronicles!

Illustration for article titled Producer: Dont Give Up On The Sarah Connor Chronicles!

Like the embattled resistance against Skynet, fans of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles have refused to surrender. They've rented a mobile billboard for the canceled Fox show this week. And now producer James Middleton tells io9 there's reason for hope.


The Sarah Connor Chronicles went off the air last May, and seems unlikely to come back to television. But fans have become increasingly focused on the idea that the show could have a direct-to-DVD movie sequel. The show's creator and showrunner, Josh Friedman, told us back in May that the show was over, and unlikely to be revived.


But fans have kept clamoring for a direct-to-DVD continuation. So we decided to ask producer James Middleton (who also produced Terminator Salvation) if there was any hope whatsoever that fans might get their wish. Have there been any meetings about a direct-to-DVD sequel, or other continuation? Middleton responded via email:

The quick answer is, yes, there have been many discussions. I can't go into more detail about the subject until I have something truly substantial to report. What the fans should know is that I hear them and I too would love to see T:SCC come back in some form.

So it sounds like there's reason to hope after all. At least, the reference to "many discussions" sounds encouraging, as does the notion that Middleton may actually have something "substantial" to report at some point. So fingers crossed!

And here's a better look at that mobile billboard, which drove around near the Warner Bros. studio offices for three days this past week:

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I doubt it. There's probably going to be a big rights mess over Universal letting Fox make a movie on their property, then the actors are gonna have moved on, then there's the inevitable writers shuffle...

I'll wait until I see the thing on store shelves.