Douglas Adams to Return to TV, No Hitchhiking Involved

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While Eoin Colfer tries to extend The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series past its expiration date, the BBC looks to adapt a different chapter of Douglas Adams' work. Coming to a television near you: Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.

Ed Victor, a literary agent who represents the late author's estate, told British humor outlet Chortle that the BBC has Dirk Gently series in the works, although there's no telling when we could see such a show:

He said he had seen ‘a great script – not just a good script' for the planned adaptation, but warned: ‘With the BBC, it can take forever'.


In the books, Dirk Gently is a detective who solves crimes not by looking at the minutiae of evidence, but at the larger picture, figuring out the interconnectedness of everything. In the first book, he goes on the hunt for a missing cat and stumbles on a greater problem involving the ghost of an alien engineer, the writer Samuel Taylor Coleridge, time travel, and the very fate of humanity. The BBC previously adapted the Dirk Gently novels as a radio series in 2007.

Victor said the BBC has also expressed interest in remaking their The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy television series, but that would involve obtaining a license from Disney, which currently owns the Hitchhiker rights.

BBC plans Dirk Gently TV series [Chortle via Topless Robot]

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I saw a BBC documentary on Douglas Adams a few years ago that dramatized a single scene from this involving two simultaneous conversations as well as handwritten notes. It was astonishing how well it translated to TV from the page.

I've got fingers crossed. #dirkgentlysholisticdetectiveag...