David Tennant's Final Whos Add Some More Fanservice

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Just how much can outgoing showrunner Russell T Davies tie up in his final two Doctor Who specials? How about answering a question no-one even knew they had about a throwaway line from Torchwood? Spoilers!


Remember being told that Martha Jones was on her honeymoon during Torchwood: Children Of Earth? Well, according to Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnson, "The End of Time" two-parter will reveal that Martha didn't marry Tom Milligan, her boyfriend from "The Last of The Time Lords." No, she'll apparently be married to Mickey Smith, AKA Rose's Ex-Boyfriend AKA Formerly One Of The Most Annoying Characters Of The New Series. We can only hope that they name their first child "Dalek."

Doctor Who: Just Who Did Martha Marry? (SPOILERS) [Bleeding Cool]

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Mickey didn't seem all that bad to me, but I guess I was just happy that the Doctor was back at the time.

As for Martha, the hottest of all of the Doc's companions bar none.