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Do Some Naked Yoga And Let The Lizard Queen Soothe Your Worries

Let all your worries slip away, as Morena Baccarin's Anna gives a naked inspirational speech about living fluidly, in a fairly dead-on parody of motivational tapes. What do you think: Should the makers of last night's V be without regret?

Watching "It's Just The Beginning" a second time, I definitely had a sense that this was a show with reams of potential, that just needs to find its footing. Some nice groundwork has been done, but the storytelling has been a bit choppy so far — maybe as a result of scrunching six episodes down into four, or maybe just because the producers were in a hurry to get past the obvious plot points like the aliens being up to no good.


The bottom line, for me, is that this is a show with tons of potential, if it can get past the sometimes overly obvious dialogue. (And now I'm dead curious to know what one of the Vs has been doing living undercover as a Buddhist monk — what's his mission? And has the Dalai Lama endorsed the Vs, just like the Vatican did?)

The good news is, V's ratings slide stopped last night — the show got 9.2 million viewers and a 3.1 rating, the same as last week.


Obviously, ABC thinks this show is iconic enough that they can afford to poke fun of it after only a few episodes, as seen in this Scrubs ad which ran during last night's episode:

But anyway, what did you think?

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eh, what's naked to them if they are still wearing their people suit?