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McG Gets Back On The Scifi Horse, Rebooting La Femme Nikita

Illustration for article titled McG Gets Back On The Scifi Horse, Rebooting La Femme Nikita

TV series La Femme Nikita is getting a full-fledged reboot with McG. This great news, since McG's current TV productions include Supernatural and Chuck. Pair that with his secret-agent know-how directing Charlie's Angels, and Nikita may have a chance.


After Terminator Salvation flopped and Disney pulled out from his 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea origins story, we weren't sure what McG would do next. But we're all pretty happy that he's continuing to produce television, and is starting over with this new La Femme Nikita reboot for the CW. We adored Peta Wilson's TV series, along with the 1990 film, even though the two are quite different , and we'd love to see this premise updated for today's audience.


Nikita is about a woman who was abducted by the government, for murdering a police officer or being homeless depending on the plot line they follow, and gets mind-wiped and trained as a secret government operative.

McG is the executive producer along with Peter Johnson and Craig Silverstein.

[The Hollywood Reporter]

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Jill Pantozzi

It's actually going to be Nikita: The Next Generation. (my name, not theirs) The description of the pilot says, "In this version, Nikita goes rogue, and a new assassin is trained to replace her."

It's the CW so they're going to skew really young obviously. It would be cool if they got Peta to play the original Nikita though.