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Marvel Makes Avengers Announcement Secret

Illustration for article titled Marvel Makes Avengers Announcement Secret

Continuing the slow drip of announcements about Marvel Comics' new Avengers status quo after the current Siege storyline, the publisher yesterday unveiled the creators and title of a new series... and purposefully didn't unveil one of the series' stars.


The first "I Am A Secret Avenger" teaser follows the pattern set by last week's "I Am An Avenger" teases - White background, figure in foreground next to a declarative statement and "I Am A(n)" above the logo of the series in question - with one major difference: The figure in question is in silhouette only. Why? Because he's a secret Avenger, of course - and because this kind of guessing game only works to get fans more curious, vocal and excited about the series before its debut.

Illustration for article titled Marvel Makes Avengers Announcement Secret

The gimmickry is unnecessary; Secret Avengers will be written by Ed Brubaker - who'll always have "AKA The Man Who Killed Captain America" after his name in our hearts, even if it was revealed that Cap wasn't really dead - and drawn by Dark Avengers' Mike Deodato, which ensures a certain level of quality based on both men's track records. Sure, we don't know what the concept behind the series is yet, but given the title and both creators' histories, we're expecting something along the lines of a darker side to Marvel's new Heroic Age status quo, and we're fine with that.

For those keeping track, this will be the third Marvel team to turn "Secret": The Defenders was relaunched as The Secret Defenders in the late 1990s, and New Warriors made a comeback as Secret Warriors - itself also a play on Secret Wars/Secret War - last year. "Secret" is the new "Dark." Which was, in turn, the new "New".

Secret Avengers launches in May, and as far as we're concerned, the silhouette in the teaser is definitely the Black Panther.

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You guys know nothing. This isn't Black Panther it's.....The Flabbergasting Inkblot!!!! (What? Stan Lee had already used all the positive adjectives, so they had to be creative, for once)His movie is coming in 2013, and I heard Taylor Lautner will play the part of Inkblot, and Hayden Christensen will play the villain, Liquid-Paper, the Man without Emotions!