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Is Zac Efron The New Flash Gordon?

Illustration for article titled Is Zac Efron The New Flash Gordon?

High School Musical dreamboat Zac Efron is rumored to play spacefaring hero/Freddie Mercury muse Flash Gordon. Could this all be just a disinformation campaign by Ming the Merciless?


According to Digital Spy, the fresh-faced Efron is in the running for Alex Raymond's comic strip hero. However, we're not sure how legit these rumors are given that Efron is supposedly lined up for Jonny Quest with Dwayne "Race Bannon" Johnson. Would Efron want to pigeonhole himself as the "vintage comic guy," particularly if either one of these flicks pulls a Speed Racer?


Try as I may, but I can't hate on the idea of Efron as Flash (he's got the serial star good looks for it), but I can understand the apprehension folks have about the movie turning into "The Mongo Mouse Club." Maybe he'd be better off reviving Flesh Gordon. The Flash faithful would grouse less and he'd win over the art house and the Tiger Beat sets in one fell swoop.

[via Digital Spy]

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Between this, Cap and Ryan Reynolds, I've come to the conclusion that hollywood casting is done by 12 year old girls