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David Duchovny Still Thinks He Can Save The X-Files

Illustration for article titled David Duchovny Still Thinks He Can Save The X-Files

We still love Fox Mulder, even though we hated the last X-Files movie. So when David Duchovny insists the series has one more installment left in it, we're intrigued — especially if it means Chris Carter delivers some aliens.


In an interview with MTV, Duchovny said he was still game to play Fox — in fact. he'd keep doing it until he needed a wig and girdle. More importantly, Duchovny wants there to be aliens — which seems like a baseline requirement for a third X-Files movie, in our books.

But what do you think — can The X-Files be saved after the last film?


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So apparently I'm the only person alive on the planet who liked the last movie?