Chris Evans Will Also Play The 98-Pound Version Of Steve Rogers

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Before Steve Rogers takes the super serum and becomes Captain America, he's a scrawny weakling. So who's going to play this toothpick of a man? Chris Evans, who's also playing Cap. Will Evans go on Christian Bale's The Machinist diet?


Earth's Mightiest has an exclusive interview with Captain America's director Joe Johnston where he revealed that Evans didn't have to audition for the part of Cap, "at all." He just came in and looked at pictures, somehow he struck some sort of balance for everyone on the production team without even having to show them what his Cap would act like. You'd think they'd at least ask him to try on the mask, right?

But even more interesting than the lack of auditioning is the fact that the director revealed that Evans would be playing pre-super serum Rogers as well...

Casting Captain America is really casting two roles... Steve Rogers before and after the transformation from 98 pound weakling to perfect physical specimen. I can't divulge how we're going to do it, but the performance will be Chris Evans from beginning to end.


How on Earth will they accomplish this? I'm picturing his face CGed onto a tiny body, Benjamin Button style. Or will they mo-cap his torso? I'm not quite seeing it. Read the rest of the interview at Earth's Mightiest.

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Bale was thin more or less all through "the machinist", Evans can hardly pull that off if he has to play Captain America as well... If they really intend to show a difference, I vote for CGI.