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The Volcano That's Terrorizing the Skies Over Europe

Illustration for article titled The Volcano Thats Terrorizing the Skies Over Europe

There's a volcano in Iceland that's spewing so much ash into the air that it's grounding flights all over northern Europe.


The normally kinda timid volcano Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland has decided to shrug off it's pussy-cat demeanor and kick up an ash plume that's caused air-traffic control in the UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark to to keep airplanes safe on the tarmac.


(Via BoingBoing)

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The flights here (Netherlands) are canceled too. Except for private, smaller jets, because they only fly 1,5 km up.


So first they owe us money, and then they do this! Iceland! ^%#$^%!


I'm only joking, of course. Sort of.