Can Tonight's Stargate Universe Win You Back?

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Tonight on Stargate Universe, the Destiny crew finds a new, possibly habitable planet. The good news is, this looks a hell of a lot better than lasts week's sorry episode.


Last week, due to unforeseeable circumstances, I missed doing the SGU recap. I'm terribly sorry, because this episode truly deserved a few words. So, I've included my entire review at the bottom. Feel free to vent, yell or disagree. Again, very sorry for missing the recap, I won't fail you again!

But let's look forward — here's the trailer and a new clip from tonight's SGU episode, "Faith." I like the idea of giving everyone on the ship what they want, but not what they need. And taking it all away from them — fingers crossed they will actually extend a plot through an entire episode this time.

Our Recap of Divided:

Right this new episode strikes to the heart of everything I dislike about this series. The heavy-handed over-the-top soundtrack. Chloe makes her Evanesce music video debut, wandering the halls of Destiny in a daze. No, I'm kidding — it's the musical group Brand New, playing "You Won't Know." But it doesn't it really matter, does it? It's still a terrible, horrible song to wedge into the intro of this show. It just ruined any chance this scene had of making an impact on the audience. Chloe walks down a darkened hallway — and cue the band and the light show, it's showtime.


The sad part is, this is actually a fairly cool/interesting moment for SGU. Chloe is having nightmares, because she was abducted by aliens — what does this mean? Do the aliens still have control over her mind? Did bad things happen to her on board of the alien ship? Sure it was ultra contrived to have her mother standing on the other side of the glass, playing man in the mirror or baby in the fishtank, or whatever. But it looked great. And we like that Chloe's personality is getting a chance to be fleshed out.

It was a well-shot and captivating moment, that provided some depth to a pretty one-dimensional character. And yet it is just absolutely ruined by this horrible song. Can you imagine if they had re-edited this entire scene without the screaming vocals? Was anyone else even paying attention to what was actually happening?

They even have the dream alien spotlight hit her right at the crest of the song, like something out of a music video from 2002. I was literally waiting for a pan right, to see a host of blue alien rock stars wailing into alien mics in the corner with tight jeans, blue alien soul patches, and ultra-cool alien guyliner. Enough Is Enough. Stop undoing all the hard work the writers, crew and cast are doing on this show with your soundtrack, SGU.

Don't believe me? Here's the entire moment:

Moving on — Chloe is pissed because her military boyfriend is trying to be helpful, "Ugh, what should I — move on, get over it?" she bitterly dumps onto her boyfriends lap, in her best pouty voice. I find myself right alongside with what's-his-face: Whoa, turn down the Bitchy anger please, I didn't suck you into a light, drug you and stuff you into a fishtank. A little perspective, please. But it turns out Rush is also having nightmares — aaaaah, twinsies! I wish Chloe would have asked him who his dreams were sound tracked by as well. Was it Hoobastank? I bet it was Hoobastank.


Ugh — moving on to bigger and better things, like the Destiny mutiny. This should be exciting right? I've been waiting, what a whole episode for this rebellion to happen. The civilians are not loving the military's judgment calls thus far. And ya know what, I predict a riot!

You can tell it's all going to go down soon because one, nothing is given time to breath on this series. And two, Brody from the hydroponics lab is all, "What the riot is now, oh hey military person TJ I didn't see you there, I was talking about Club....yeah, yeah that's it Bridge Club. I love cards, just love it, and we play Bridge now. Nothing suspicious to see here." I wish I was making this up. So clearly he's not on the civilian team planning a mutiny this very moment. He sure pulled one over on old TJ. By the way TJ, you're fired.


Meanwhile subtle as all hell Greer saddles up to Young and whispers, in the raspy way only truly crazy hardened military types can talk in, and says, "Hey remember that time when we all thought you killed Rush, but now he's back? I was ok with it. Just thought you should know, for no other reason than if there ever was a crew mutiny, you know out of left field, I'm on your team. Just FYI. Killing, you, me, we're good."

So the lines are drawn. And it's militaries versus civvies. Guess what side newly pissed Chloe is on, not her boyfriends that's for damn sure. TWIST. Sheesh you guys, don't you remember 5 minutes ago when he was all "I wanna help." And then she was all, "ugh boys just don't understand HRUMPFFF." Yeah clearly he's just Not. Getting. It. So yeah mutiny is the only way, princess.


I truly wish they would have delved deeper into the damaged psyche of Chloe. She has aliens in her brain. There's plenty to say here over her cranky back and forth with her BF. It was a solid opportunity for her to reveal insecurities, issues, qualms, instead she just sided with Rush. Sure she gave the reason that Young tried to kill Rush, but was anyone really convinced she cared about that reasoning?

But that's neither here nor there, because Rush has made his move. He quarantines the military people from the civvies. But uh oh, the life support is on the military side, but the water and food is on the civvies side. Which means if there's a stand off, everyone has three days to live. Interesting stale mate, does it matter... NOPE.


Why not, because Young is over on the civvies side lickitysplit, using the hole the aliens cut in the last episode. Convenient. And oh SHIT the aliens are back and firing weapons on the spaceship, meanwhile Rush reveals that the attacking aliens implanted a tracking device in Rush next to his heart. Also convenient. You know what would have been a cool scene, Chloe and Rush talking about their alien experience and then finding out through wacky ancient x-ray space technology on the Destiny that they have a tracking system next to their heart. Instead we get this, "I have this shit on my heart so yeah plot twist."

And there is the real reason Rush decided to push the mutiny date up, because he was afraid that Young would find out he had a tracker in his chest and would airlock him. Remember when airlocking was an actual threat? He's going to try and kill you, again, because that worked so well the two other times. Sure fine great whatever.


Next on the list of completely bat shit angles to throw into one giant episode is this. Rush doesn't want TJ the FUCKING MEDIC to take it out his tracking device. He wants Chloe the 12-year-old to stick her hand in his chest and remove the tracking device, because he doesn't trust the military. Christ on a cracker Bull Shit. I'm pretty sure if anyone on Destiny is sticking their hand in my chest cavity, it's not going to be Chloe, magic stones or not.

Then my fucking god in heaven everything goes back to normal. The aliens leave, Rush survives, the tracking device is removed, and Young says, "let's pretend nothing ever happened." The End. Reset. Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200.


Instead of riding out this plot and watching the crew of the Destiny slowly break into teams of civilians versus the military, SGU just decided to plow through it. Alright, fine. We already know that this show has no desire to extend actual plots very far. They could have kept Rush on board that alien ship for weeks, the audience never knowing if he would be back or not. It might have even been interesting to watch brainiac Rush manipulate the aliens and try to break free. Instead SGU hit the reset button and plopped him back aboard the Destiny in one quick episode.

The same goes for this episode. There was no doubt in my mind when we found out the mutiny was happening, that the entire thing would end with a shiny bow on top.


In a strange way, it's kind of like the old Stargate. Granted I am Not SAYING that is WHAT I WANT. I am merely making the comparison. Instead of the "freak of the week" we get "massive crew drama of the week." Let's hope they don't run out of drama, or come to their senses.

I'd like to hear your opinions on whether or not this format is working for you, the viewer. SGU prides itself on being realistic and true to human form. But does this kind of massive drama really happen that fast? Is it too much for you to swallow each week? Are they giving their characters enough time to grow? I'm truly enjoying the rebellion, and the drama, but I find myself slightly unattached because I don't really know anyone's motivations.


Case in point, when Camille and Rush make their move and quarantine the military from the civilians, TJ is left on "the wrong side of the line." And so is some other military guy that I don't know or care about. I know nothing about TJ, so I really don't care what side of the line she's on. Therefore the dramatic impact is pretty minimal for me.

This whole episode was just wasted opportunity after wasted opportunity. So much to play with, and not a care in the world to flesh it out. Sad.


Was there anything I liked. Sure. I loved Eli's reaction to the mutiny. He thought the whole thing was stupid. So did I. Eli you and I are on the same page. Not to be rude, I really did like Eli in this, he's slowly growing on me as the "voice of the audience" especially in this episode. I also enjoyed the small attempt to make TJ more of a character and less of a prop. She went toe-to-toe with the civvies and basically said, "you're fucked when Young gets here." Well, they weren't really, in fact by him being there it forced Rush to man up and say he was the reason the aliens were back, so they were saved. But it was cool to watch TJ show that she's no push over.

Besides that, the episode looked great, and that's all I can say really. Honestly I think tonight's episode could win me back. I enjoyed the half season premiere, it was SGU stepping up and moving forward. This episode, however was a massive step back. But I've had a lot of fun with SGU, I'm not giving up yet, and I look forward to "Faith."


Here's the entire episode of SGU if you missed it, eagerly awaiting your comments.


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I disagree with you on one point: Chloe was perfectly justified in getting upset at whatshisface, because he said pretty much the stupidest possible thing you could say to someone suffering from PTSD, "You're safe and it's over, don't worry about it!"

Otherwise, you're pretty spot on. The way they hit the reset button EVERY SINGLE EPISODE is pissing me off. It worked for SG-1 and Atlantis, but they weren't serial dramas.