Do Cyborgs Dream Of Co-Ed Hot Showers?

The 1990 film Hardware, aka M.A.R.K. 13, might have been trying to be the Terminator of the 1990s, but it was mostly forgettable. Except for this cyborg shower scene. That cyber-hand is great for lathering. [via Bonniegrrl on Twitter]


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It's like io9 has been invaded by writers who don't appreciate science fiction . First the article saying Rourke is crazy for taking his part in "Iron Man 2" seriously and now this. "Hardware" is still light years ahead of its time compared to most of the derivative science fiction garbage released today. How about covering the script for "Hardware 2" or the director's current projects or the reasons why "Hardware 2" never got off the ground? This film not only has "Porkins" as the lewd neighbor but an awesome soundtrack to boot. Yet io9 insults it and reduces it down to a "cyborg shower scene" based on someone's Twitter post. Boo.