Kevin Conroy's Batman Zings Christian Bale: "You Sound Ridiculous"

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Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman on Batman: The Animated Series, had some choice words for Christian Bale's gravelly Bat-voice. Although he praised Bale's performance, Conroy noted that Bale "just got steered wrong" in the voice department.


At C2E2, Conroy - who is roundly beloved for voicing Batman in B:TAS, the Paul Dini Justice League cartoons, and Batman: Arkham Asylum - was asked by a fan whether he'd ever been asked to re-dub The Dark Knight. Conroy gamely reiterated Bale's "hockey pants" line from TDK and gave his take on why Bale sounded like he had been eating dry shredded wheat and razorblades.

[via Screenrant]


Whenever the subject of the Batfilms or TDK particularly comes up, I normally talk about how Michael Keaton is the best Batman, & how his Bruce Wayne is miles better than Bales. Then I tag on— "well, besides Kevin Conroy. I mean— we all agree he's the best Batman of all."

Then everyone nods their head, because yes, that is true.