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Kick-Ass Loses Steam, The Losers Gets A Financial Ass-Kicking

Illustration for article titled Kick-Ass Loses Steam, The Losers Gets A Financial Ass-Kicking

This ain't the weekend for comic-book movies. The Losers pulled in a paltry $9.6 million, and Kick-Ass garnered $9.5 million, a 52% drop from last weekend. The big winner? How To Train Your Dragon, with $15 million [L.A. Times].


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Please note how rare it is for a movie to be Number 1 on its first weekend, then fall in the subsequent 3 weekends, only to rise to number 1 again on its 5th weekend, as was the case for Dragon.

Even more special is that this happened after a lackluster opening... which ironically probably helped it win this weekend as it spread out its audience over several weekends (through incredible word of mouth... if the movie hadn't been as good as it was, it would have opened low and stayed low, as naysayers seemed to be correct that movies with dragons just don't open very big).

That said, these types of scenarios tend to happen in weeks coming off high seasons, such as the end of the summer and in the spring, when the box office drops significantly overall, when openers aren't that big.