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Jekyll: The Best Opening to Any TV Show Ever

In 2007, Doctor Who mastermind Steven Moffat hatched Jekyll, a blistering reimagining of the classic tale — and the first five minutes, in which we're introduced to James Nesbitt's Tom Jackman, are perhaps the best TV opening of all time.


The ticking clock on the wall informs the entire affair, inexorably pulling us forwards as Dr. Tom Jackman explains the particulars of his condition to his new assistant, Katherine (Michelle Ryan): the straps on the chair, the voice recorder, the cameras. In less than five minutes we know everything we need to about this man, and why he built this room.

"He's coming." Brilliant.

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this show was wonderful. it's available on netflix (was on netflix streaming when i watched it - not sure if it still is). if you like gina bellman from "leverage", she plays mrs jekyll.