Sir Patrick Stewart? The Queen made it so

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Captain Jean-Luc Picard got a bit of a promotion from her royal majesty the Queen. Patrick Stewart, 69, was knighted yesterday. We're so happy for the Captain we could sing about it. [BBC]

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Although a Brit, and a fan of ST:TNG, I hate the "Honours" system with a passion. It perpetuates a system whereby, by accident of birth, the vast majority of the population are consigned to be second, or lower, class. It is a hangover from mediaeval times that any rational society would have abandoned, with prejudice, long ago. Some say that the "honouring" of people like Patrick Stewart demonstates the modern "meritocratic" system. But when was the last time you heard of a streetsweeper or shop assistant (who, let's face it, do not have the financial rewards or lifestyle of the successful actor or sports or business person) receiving one of the major awards. To see Patrick Stewart accepting this entitlement does nothing but lower my opinion of him, and frankly of you for lauding it. The honours system may look pretty from outside but from in here it reeks of class and privilege.

Rant over.