Alfonso Cuaron's space epic will have a 20-minute opening shot

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Alfonso Cuaron, of Children of Men fame, is trying to outdo himself yet again. We were already excited about his space film Gravity, but we're even more enthralled with his idea for a 20-minute opening shot, in 3D.

The film, which was originally going to feature Angelina Jolie, will star Robert Downey Jr. as the commander of a space station who loses his crew when an asteroid explosion kills them during a spacewalk. He then has to work out a way to get back to Earth with only one remaining crew member.

Last we heard this project would be shooting in 3-D, working with Cuaron's stunning visuals. Now The Playlist is reporting that Cuaron is teaming up with his old company Framestone, who worked on Children, to bring the spacecraft and atmosphere to life. With one big challenge: a single 20-minute opening shot. Granted, 60% of the film is going to be CG, but this is still a massive challenge.


We can't wait! Deadline reported that production with RDJ will start before he makes the next Sherlock Holmes picture. So this project is moving forward sooner rather than later.

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I saw Children of Men soon after Pan's Labyrinth. I wanted to kill myself afterwards, they were so depressing. I know I'm in the minority here, but I didn't really care for either movie. I hope Gravity won't be the same.

Besides, the last time filmakers set out to out-do themselves we got The Matrix Reloaded.