Xena's Renee O'Connor is trapped aboard a mysterious spacecraft, in "Ark"

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The long-awaited webseries Ark, starring Renee O'Connor (Gabrielle from Xena) is finally online, and we talked to O'Connor about the secret conspiracy behind the mysterious ark in space. And O'Connor also told us about her scifi version of Moby Dick.


Ark is the brainchild of director Trey Stokes, who's best known for the Star Wars-themed webseries Pink Five. It was getting a lot of buzz a year ago, with an exciting trailer that showed O'Connor waking up on board a mysterious spaceship, with no memory of how she got there - but it's taken another year for the series to arrive, on Hulu. (Yes, everybody hates you, non-U.S.A. people.) We were expecting a creepfest along the lines of Ridley Scott's Alien, but the opening episode is actually quite startling and much weirder than we expected.

We spoke to O'Connor about Ark the other day, and she filled us in on the premise:

It's about this woman who wakes up, and she finds herself on this "ark," and she's in space and she has to figure out how to get home. And there's a really strange ending where you're not really sure if it's a set-up, or if it's part of a higher conspiracy... It has an Alien-esque feel to it. It's very dark and moody.

And O'Connor added that she and Stokes are also working together on a full-length movie for The Asylum, makers of Transmorphers, Titanic II, Princess Of Mars and Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid. It's a reimagining of Moby Dick, in which they fight a "mega whale." O'Connor isn't sure if this whale is mutated, or just extremely giant by whale standards. Barry Bostwick (Brad from Rocky Horror Picture Show) plays Captain Ahab, and O'Connor plays Ishmael. "At the end, I'm rowing in the coffin. It's fun, we're having fun."



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