Mark Millar dishes on the plot of Kick Ass 2. Plus has Patrick Dempsey's Transformers character been revealed?

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Mark Millar talks, at serious length, about Kick Ass 2. Is Patrick Dempsey not a nice man in Transformers 3? Plus Marc Ruffalo talks the Hulk, Jeff Bridges discusses being de-aged, and Frank Darabont talks Walking Dead. Monday morning spoiler-backing!

The Avengers:

New Hulk Marc Ruffalo explains his interpretation of the character:

"He's a guy struggling with two sides of himself - the dark and the light - and everything he does in his life is filtered through issues of control. I grew up on the Bill Bixby TV series, which I thought was a really nuanced and real human way to look at the Hulk. I like that the part has those qualities."


He also confirmed they start shooting this winter. [IGN]

Captain America:

Here's our first look at the logo of Hydra, the villainous organization that's allied with the Red Skull: [/Film]

Tron Legacy:

Director Joseph Kosinski talks a little bit about the new vehicles we'll be seeing:

Q: In the trailer and in the footage, we see a new vehicle. It takes off into the air. Maybe it's a light jet. I don't know. What can you tell us about this new vehicle?
A: Well, you know, I think part of my job in this movie is to take the iconic elements of the first film and evolve them. But it's also I gotta bring something new to the table. So we've got some new vehicles, and you've seen little hints of them in the trailer. But again, it's one of those things where, you know, it's that fine line. I want to give you a taste but I don't want to spoil it.
Q: Are there any other new vehicles we haven't seen? It can be a yes or no question.
A: Yes.



Jeff Bridges explains a little of how the process works that allows him to play a 35-year-old version of himself:

It was very exciting to be a part of that. That was one of the reasons that got me involved in 'Tron' in the first place, to be a part of that cutting-edge technology. This one takes it to the Nth degree, really. Playing the young [version of myself], we did a lot of work in a space called The Volume where you record your motion capture work.



Finally, a bunch of tracks purportedly by Daft Punk and supposedly made for the movie have leaked online. Nine of them have been confirmed by Disney to be fakes, but the six below are thought to be real tracks for the movie. [Cinematical] Daft Punk - Tron Soundtrack (Sampler) by Some Kind of Awesome


Transformers 3:

Patrick Dempsey shared some tidbits about his character:

"In 'Transformers 3,' my character is a race-car driver, which is perfect. It's cool to have all those toys in the movie."

"My character has a great car collection, which has been fun. We were shooting in Milwaukee a few weeks ago — which was a beautiful city — at their museum there, and there's a lot of stuff that we do with cars. My character is very involved with the automobile, so it's great fun."


[The Herald and NBC Chicago]

So now we know he's a race car driver... but could he be an evil race car driver!? These videos of him fighting Shia LeBeouf certainly suggest that. (And yes, I don't automatically equate punching Shia LeBeouf with villainy either, but work with me here.) [Transformers Live and SpoilerTV]

And, because the world is still turning, there are tons more Chicago set photos, all of which support the whole "Patrick Demsey is a villainous bastard" theory. Sorry, sorry! "Patrick Dempsey's character is a villainous bastard": [Transformers Live] [gallery 5601947]


And here's ten minutes of behind-the-scenes footage: [Transformers Live]

Another new Transformer cutout head has been spotted. (The cutouts are used to represent the CG bots and give the actors something to look at.) This one is red and hasn't been seen before. [TFW2005]


The blue Mercedes that's been spotted in Chicago is apparently the same robot as the cutout that sort of looks like Albert Einstein. Whoever it is, it isn't Jolt. [TWF2005]

A security truck has been spotted with Decepticon markings. [Transformers Live]

The three NASCAR vehicles are the Wreckers, which are sort of like Autobot commandos. [TFW2005]


Kick Ass 2 - Balls to the Wall:

Mark Millar explained at length what he and director Matthew Vaughn hope to do in the sequel:

The film and the comic book are very closely tied together. There are only a few minor changes towards the end. It does led directly into a sequel, and I am writing the sequel as I always planned it to be. The actors may be a little bit older, or bigger. They can address that in the movie. But I am not changing anything for the comic book. We left things off with [Hit Girl] being adopted by this extremely nice man. He is a cop. And she has to stop killing people, you know? That seems like an interesting starting point in the next one in regards to her character. She is going to be like Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven, where she hasn't picked up a gun in years. It's that type of thing. I like the idea of doing that with an eleven year old girl. She was part of this massive cacophony of violence. But she's not allowed to kill people anymore. She is consumed with anger, and forced to watch TV shows instead. Halfway through the movie, or the comic, we will follow her as she picks up a gun again. It is going to be awesome.


And he says Red Mist will be like Charles Manson, influencing lots of young people to go up against Hit Girl and Kick Ass. [MovieWeb]

Let Me In:

Director Matt Reeves explained how his interpretation of the novel differs from the original Swedish movie:

That was the guiding principle of what I would keep and what I would not [from the original]. The original film was done in this beautiful stately sort of way, and everything was detached and Scandinavian and gorgeous. It was very eerie and scary in how withheld it was. I wanted to take it further into Owen's point of view. In doing that, it made certain things shift. There are some things that you might not see as much of or at all because it wouldn't have to do with his point of view.




The cast discuss how they see their alternate versions: [Fringe Television]


Zachary Levi explained how Isaiah Mustafa (best known as that dude from the Old Spice commercials who's way cooler than me and, by extension, all other men) fits into the show. He's one of the undercover agents who works at the Buy More under the alias Greta:

He's a part of this kind of recurring character that we have on the show called Greta, who can be a guy or a girl, which is brilliant. And the Buy More has now been taken over by the CIA and it's a fully functioning operation for the government so there are these constant CIA agents who are in the store and it gets to be a revolving character. First there was Olivia Munn, she did a great job and looked hot in her little outfit, and now Isaiah Mustafa, who's fantastic and was a hoot to work with.


Finally, he allayed fears that the Buy More will be totally different now that the CIA has taken it over:

It's the Buy More. People aren't going to be freaked out like, "Hey, you've completely warped my world!" But there's a lot of cool new touches that tie into the rest of the castle.


[The Ausiello Files]

The Walking Dead:

Frank Darabont explained what he'd like to do in season two:

When we get to season two - knock on wood - it will obviously be expanded from six episodes to thirteen. I'm hoping that we might actually be able to shoot part of it in [winter]. It would be great not just to get out of the heat, but to present a different idea to the audience visually and tonally by having it be winter. There's some really cool stuff that Kirkman did, where they find the one zombie that's frozen to the ground. I'd never seen that before and that's really cool. Or when Michonne shows up - and boy, is she a character I can't wait to get to - when she comes striding out of the wasteland like a Clint Eastwood fucking spaghetti western character cross-melded with some samurai movie, like the Baby Cart character with the fucking sword, and there's just a little drift of snow in the air. I would love to put that on film! [Laughs]


[Comic Book Resources]

Doctor Who:

Steven Moffat confirms he's writing the Christmas Special, then five episodes in series six. [Den of Geek]


The Event:

The producers of the show explained they don't want to make the same mistakes other mystery-heavy shows have made. They promise they're really going to resolve mysteries. Evan Katz sounds like he knows what he's talking about:

We're very cognizant of the audience's patience, of rewarding the audience. The show's really designed to answer questions, to satisfy people, to keep them hooked, frankly, but yet keep posing questions so that once the mystery's solved, the mystery's solved. So we're keeping (some) mysteries open, but we're solving (others). In the second episode we are very clearly answering the two largest open questions in the pilot.


They also mentioned there's a detailed series Bible that promises "tent-pole benchmarks" at key points in the series up to season 3, and one of these will come at the end of episode 10. This moment will propel people into the second half of the show once it returns from hiatus. [Hitflix]


Here's an extended sneak peek at the next season: [SpoilerTV]

Showrunner Sera Gamble discusses their awesomely named episode "Live Free or Twi-Hard", which sets out to destroy the current vampire ethos once and for all:

"We're doing an episode about how vampires pretending to be Edward Cullen or the Salvatore brothers or Bill Compton are bad for you. There's a mythology reason [as to why] we are revisiting a lot of monsters we've dealt with before on the show...including vampires. And when we were conceptualizing a vampire episode, we thought, 'Wow there's never been a better time to be a vampire.' Chicks are just throwing themselves at them! They think that 'vampire' equals 'I'm not going to try to have sex with you.' They will still take advantage of our children! They will turn you into a vampire or eat you."


[TV Guide]

Being Human:

Aidan Turner talks a little about what will happen on series 3 of the British version of the show, and also pretty much rules out an appearance on the Syfy remake:

What's happening with Mitchell this season after the fall of Herrick?
He's sort of a mess that Herrick's dead. George killed Herrick, and the vampires are after Mitchell's blood. He's just trying to hold the household together, and keeps the enemies at bay, and look after his friends, and sort out of the mess that he's made. He's just picking up the pieces.

Would you consider doing a guest spot on [the American show]?
Eh, I don't know, actually. Probably not, to be honest. They've got their own thing now. It might just be too cheesy. I think eventually when we're done with the British version, maybe.



Additional reporting by Kelly Faircloth and Charlie Jane Anders.


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