The hyperevolved fish are ready for sexytime in "Humanoids from the Deep" [NSFW]

There are so many delightful Roger Corman-produced movies coming out on DVD that we can barely keep up. Today we celebrate Barbara Peeters' classic Humanoids From The Deep. Here's the tagline: "They hunt human women. Not for killing. For mating."

Watch this footage at your own risk. Keep some lye close so you can wash your eyes out when you see what these humanoids can do.

Director Peeters worked on several low-budget exploitation movies, and started her career by making a soft-core lesbian flick called The Dark Side of Tomorrow. But 1980 movie Humanoids is her masterpiece, partly because it's halfway a film about race and class in a small Northern California town (it was shot around Fort Bragg) and partly because it's full of hyperevolved coelacanth fish trying to have sex with human women.


Tensions mount in the tiny town when a local Native American opposes the plans of CanCo to set up a salmon canning plant. Part of CanCo's plans involve adding "DNA 5" to salmon to make them bigger (hmm, sounds like the Mega Piranha folks watched this). And guess what happens? Coelacanths eat the salmon, "evolve through four stages" (???), become bipedal, and hunger for sex with human women (no word on what female coelacanths want). At first the good ole boys blame the mutilations on the Native guy, but then everybody realizes that megafish are eating and raping their way through the town.

Apparently when Peeters turned the movie in to Corman, he thought it needed more "production values." That meant more gratuitous nudity and killing. The scene below is an example of one that Corman added in, with characters who never appear anywhere else. WTF with that ventriloquist seduction thing? Whoa.

Now you can own this cinematic gem! Pick it up via Shout Factory.


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Monsters mating with human females is common in movies. Are there any movies where female monsters rape men? Somebody should take the stories of men who claimed they were raped by female yetis in the Himalayas and make that into a movie.