The changing fashion of urban fantasy heroines

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Over at the Orbit Books blog, they're posting the results of some serious research into the ways that urban fantasy heroines have changed over the past two years. At least, pictures of them on book covers.


Orbit offers these important "observations":

1) Abs are in: Fantasy's heroines are spending less time at the tattoo parlor and more time at the gym, as toned midriffs overtook tattoos as the favored accessory.

2) Stilettos are out: We observed a steep decline in stilettos in 2009, which just proves that fantasy readers can suspend their disbelief only so far. Romantic encounters between vampires, werewolves, elves, and humans are totally plausible, but believing that a professional demon-hunter would wear stilettos to kick demon ass isn't. In another symptom of the same trend, corsets seems to be in decline. But fear not - cleavage, even if encased in pseudo-military tactical gear, isn't going anywhere.

3) Compact Weaponry: It makes sense that our urban heroines would find it easier to maneuver through modern cities inconspicuously with small firearms and knives rather than bows and arrows strapped to their backs.

4) More ready-for-action, less ready-for-"action": Fighting stances over sexy posturing all the way.

Apparently all this cultural analysis and research was done by an unnamed Orbit summer intern. We demand to know who did all this awesome work! Oh intern, do not remain in the shadows. Step forth with your fighting stance and pseudo-military tactical gear!

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You forgot, heaving breasts never go out of style. A bare midriff is HARDLY would I would call "tactical gear." Give me a fucking break.