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Chris Nolan is meeting with a short list of possible Superman directors

Illustration for article titled Chris Nolan is meeting with a short list of possible Superman directors

The new Superman movie is roaring ahead — The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan, who's producing, reportedly has five potential directors in mind, and he's meeting with them now. So who's in line to revamp the Man Of Tomorrow?


Deadline posted an exclusive (but unsourced) story naming Nolan's five possible Superman directors, some of whom seem more likely than others. They are:

Zack Snyder (Watchmen) who just said the other day that he doesn't want the job, because he wouldn't know what to do with Supes.


Tony Scott (Unstoppable) who seems like one of the likelier candidates, despite having made some terrible films.

Duncan Jones (Moon) who's finishing up his next movie Source Code — and it's not clear whether he'd want to take on such a huge studio property, with the creative headaches that come with it.

Matt Reeves (Cloverfield, Let Me In) who would be an interesting choice... this would be a total departure for him, but he might knock it out of the park.

Jonathan Liebesman (Battle: Los Angeles) — the first footage from this alien war movie looked great at Comic Con, but he's already signed up to direct Clash Of The Titans 2, another Warner project.


Whoever Nolan picks, he'll submit his choice to Warner Bros. within the next few weeks. A judge ruled a while back that the studio has to get this movie made by 2012, or risk losing the movie rights to Superman. So there's some haste here — but let's hope Nolan still takes the time to do this right, and picks someone whose director's eye rivals his own. [Deadline]

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Would it kill them to consider a director capable of creating grand imaginative worlds of wonder, like Terry Gilliam or Tim Burton? How about one of those Harry Potter directors? If it has to be grounded in reality, than I would suggest David Fincher or Sam Mendes. I like the way they shoot a motion picture. Hell, why not just get Spielberg?