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Uwe Boll releases his trailer for the "first fat female superhero" Blubberella

You've seen the poster for Uwe Boll's fatsploitation superhero film Blubberella — now feast your eyes on its disaster of a trailer. One think you can say about Boll's work: at least he's consistent in lowering the bar.


All we knew about this film was from the poster's tagline:

"The first female fat superhero ... She will kick major ass - with her major ass ... All the BLOODRAYNE fans will love that movie!"


But now the trailer reveals that the main character, played by Lindsay Hollister, is a dhampir (half vampire half human) who fights Nazis, while the rest of the cast makes fat jokes. Yep, sounds about par for a film that's being made specifically to piss people off. Also, did Boll spend too much on Nazi costumes that he's having to amortize now? Counting his Auschwitz film and Bloodrayne 3, this is his third Nazi movie in a row.

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You know...I'm a big girl, and this can't even get a rise out of me? Someone tell Böll to pack his stuff; the spell is broken, his magic powers of offensiveness are gone. No one will watch, no one will care, no one will yell. And the world shall greet him only with a chorus of MEH. Freedom at last!