Student wears same jeans every day for 15 months - for science!

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A student in Canada wore the same pair of jeans for 15 months straight as an experiment to see if he or the jeans suffered any ill effects.


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It looks like they survived, but of course there's no word on what his dorm roommate suffered.

Most people find they have to break in a new pair of jeans. Most people find that stretching the stiffness out takes about twenty minutes and getting them really soft takes about a month. The student, at the University of Alberta, decided to break them in for 200 days in a row without washing them. The student bought them for $167 dollars, which would make one inclined to break them in properly, in late 2009. Fifteen months later, he washed them, but only after having his Human Ecology professor swab them for bacteria build up.

I'm assuming the teacher wore a double pair of gloves, because no special care was taken with these jeans. The student wore them almost every day, and sometimes slept in them When he spilled something on them, he wiped it off with a towel. To keep them from getting smelly, he triple bagged them put them in his freezer once a fortnight.

When the Human Ecology teacher's swabs came back from the lab, they showed 'normal bacteria levels'. Then, the student wore the jeans for 13 days after washing them, and had them re-tested. The bacteria levels were much the same as they were for the fifteen month ripeness. The professor stressed that this was probably due to the protective powers of underwear, and that washing clothes was important, but had to admit that even at their worst, the jeans did not contain any E. coli or fecal matter.

The student received a new pair of jeans for Christmas 2010, and wishes to test them by wearing them for 20-24 months and having them retested. We'd like to salute this student, for his bravery, his commitment, and his ability to go 15 months without pooping his pants. Congratulations, sir. Science owes you a great debt.


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I have a pair of Japanese selvage denims that i have never washed in three years. Granted, I don't wear them everyday.

This is pretty much de rigueur among denim aficionados. You don't wash a pair of raw denim jeans until you absolutely have to.