Watch Bill Murray and Mickey Rourke fight over fallen angel Megan Fox

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Not since John Travolta's Michael have we seen this much angel sex. In Passion Play, Megan Fox plays an honest-to-goodness fallen angel (fluffy wings and all), controlled by the evil Bill Murray and loved by Mickey Rourke.

We're not sure what to make of this movie. We love director and writer Mitch Glazer's work in Scrooged, but what we're looking at appears to be a bit of a mess. Also Megan's wings completely disappear into nothingness over and over again. Passion Play will have a limited theatrical release on May 6th, and will later come out on DVD on May 31st.

Here's the synopsis:

Written and directed by Mitch Glazer (screenwriter of Scrooged), the film boasts a heavenly cast including Academy Award nominees Mickey Rourke and Bill Murray, Megan Fox, Rhys Ifans, Kelly Lynch and former UFC sensation, Chuck Liddell. Nate Poole (Rourke) is a washed-up jazz musician fleeing from trigger-happy gangster Happy Shannon (Murray). While on the run, Nate stumbles across a traveling carnival, and is instantly mesmerized by the carnival's prized attraction, Lily "The Bird Woman" (Fox). But Lily is no carny fake: her wings are real. The fugitive musician falls in love with this angelic creature, and he convinces her to leave with him, to the anger of her ruthless employer (Ifans). The two flee across the desert, but towards… what? Their destruction? Their salvation?


Via Entertainment Tonight.

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Annalee Newitz

Needs more Nic Cage.