An amazing infographic explains what we'd have done with the 205 million gallons of oil if the Gulf Oil Spill hadn't happened

Last year's Gulf Oil Spill released 205 million gallons of oil — such a huge amount, it's hard to get your mind around. To help conceptualize it, Chris Harmon created this amazing animated infographic.


I don't know what's more mind-blowing: the sheer amount of stuff we make from oil, or the fact that even without the spill, that quantity of oil still would have led to massive amounts of environmental destruction. [via Brain Pickings]


Dr Emilio Lizardo

Sounds impressive, but it's sort of like when the US government talks about saving a billion dollars.

205 million gallons is 4.88 million barrels

The US produces 5.3 million barrels every day and imports nearly double that.

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I don't know if that makes the gulf spill less impressive, but perspective is always a good thing.

It also puts the lie to the gas companies reasoning that the price of gas was higher due to that event. It's less than 5% of one days production for the world. There is probably a bigger dip in production on Christmas just because people take the day off.

ps: if my numbers are wrong, I apologize in advance.