Watch a horrifying car ad that shows our robot-dominated future

When robots control our entire existence, life will be bleak and joyless, according to this recent Dodge ad, crafted by Carl Erik Rinsch, director of the hot science fiction short The Gift and the upcoming 47 Ronin.


The message of the spot: Humans may allow robots to control our diets, our clothing and our personal hygiene — but we'll never give up our steering wheels. (Which probably isn't true, considering that driverless cars will be here a lot sooner than the other stuff in this ad.) I like how reminiscent of Total Recall's Johnny Cab the driver robot is.

According to Dexiner:

Digital production studio Digital Domain was tapped by RSA director Carl Erik Rinsch to help Dodge envision what the future holds for those who love to drive.

Digital Domain handled all the visual effects, 2D and 3D animation and motion graphics, including the design of all the holograms and fantasy user and gestural interfaces that populate this futuristic world. VFX Supervisor Jay Barton led the Digital Domain team, working closely with longtime Digital Domain collaborator Rinsch to design the look, color, tone and feel of the 'face' of technology and ensure its consistent implementation throughout this future world.

And Dexiner quotes Barton as saying "This Dodge spot feels like an epic feature film experience — it's darkly funny and within the first 30 seconds, we hope the viewer is already sick of seeing this saccharine digital mien beaming from every corner of the world." [Dexiner]



Asimov would like a word with you Dodge.