Which DC Comics character could save DC's non-Batman/Superman movies?

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So it's pretty official: Green Lantern is not rolling in green. What happens next for DC Comics? The next Batman movie is nearly a sure-fire hit, and there's still Superman... at least, for now. But what about other DC characters?

Top image: Superhero nails by ThaJuddy on Deviant Art.

What DC needs now is a solid, out-of-the-park hit with a second-tier character: an Iron Man. A big movie featuring a character who's neither Super or pteropine would give DC a feeling of depth to their universe, and reinforce the idea that they're more than just a two-trick pony. Or maybe a team-up movie. But which DC Comics character or team is A) as well known as Tony Stark, and B) capable of crossing over to the big leagues?


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The Flash, obviously — but it'd have to be upbeat and retro-futuristic, like The Incredibles, as opposed to dark and brooding. Lots of Eichler-style homes and Carmen Ghias, and plenty of California sunshine.