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Insane horse and donkey cosplay is straight out of The Island of Dr. Moreau

At the YouTube account of costume designers Northfur, you can find dozens of videos of eerily realistic manimal masks. Who wants to travel down the rabbit hole and discover the pancake-powdered face of Marlon Brando?


Let's start with this horse mask. Yes, I now believe that horses love to kill.


[Via NY Mag]

Is this that shapeshifting prostitute we reported on several days ago, mid-transformation?

If you've ever worked on a dairy farm, you'll know that they have their own version of the Krampus for the Winter Solstice. His name is "Bessie Claus" and he grinds bad children's bones into Jell*O.

"Welcome to our Book Club. This week's selection — like last week's selection — is Wet Goddess."


I dig this mask, but it makes me want to get checked for adult onset diabetes.

Kids these days have come to selfishly expect that all their vampires must look like deodorant models, so this is a refreshing change of pace.

An American Werewolf in Holy Fuck I Did Not Sign Up For This.


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I'll see your horse-faced man, and raise you a muscular deer man!