Gary Oldman explains why Bane is the perfect villain for The Dark Knight Rises. Plus a new Hunger Games photo!

Illustration for article titled Gary Oldman explains why Bane is the perfect villain for The Dark Knight Rises. Plus a new Hunger Games photo!
Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

The would-be star of Ender's Game says he's ready to do the movie. Benedict Cumberbatch reveals the secrets of playing Smaug in The Hobbit. An actual Japanese person might be cast in Akira. Plus lots of Walking Dead hints!


Nothing but spoilers from here on out!

Top image from Doctor Who.

The Dark Knight Rises

Gary Oldman says he's just finished filming, and while he danced around saying anything too explicit, he did give this answer when asked whether the film ends in a way that precludes the possibility of a fourth film:

There's a conclusion. [Christopher Nolan] brings in, he touches on the first [movie] and he weaves it in and it resolves. It feels [like] a trilogy. But it's just a great...the story is terrific, it's just epic.

He also offers this take on why Christopher Nolan was right to go with a less iconic villain like Bane after the late Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker:

Well, I think it was smart of Chris to go with a lesser known villain because Heath's performance, first of all, it's the Joker, we all love the Joker in Batman. Heath's performance was so dazzling that you've got to think, "How the hell do I top it?" instead of going for The Riddler, instead of going for Penguin and all that kind of...he's gone a slightly different way with the story. I think he's got enough smarts and enough class...I know this much about Chris Nolan - he wouldn't make a third [just] for the sake of it."


The Hunger Games

Illustration for article titled Gary Oldman explains why Bane is the perfect villain for The Dark Knight Rises. Plus a new Hunger Games photo!

Here's a new promo photo showing Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss being led past some guards. [IGN]

Ender's Game

Hugo star Asa Butterfield says he might end up playing the title role in the long-awaited adaptation of Orson Scott Card's novel, and that if he does end up doing the movie, it will be his next project. He added:

"I have read the book. I love the book. It's just a great book. I've read the script as well. The book's incredible. It's late 1900s. It's sci-fi. I love all that retro stuff. Everything would be cool about playing a role like that. I reckon I could hack it."


I didn't know we've reached the point where people are young enough to think of a book published in 1985 as just generally being the "late 1900s", but apparently the rest of us humans really are all that ancient now. Anyway, it sounds like there's a distinct possibility that he could end up playing the role, but nothing is confirmed just yet. [MTV Movies Blog]

The Hobbit

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch discusses his preparation for voicing the villainous Smaug:

"Preparation for something like that is quite unique. I think it will be partly to go with going back to the book, but I sort of want to look at real life serpents and creatures of that ilk, dragons. He's a reptile, obviously, so it's not like Andy Serkis' work with Gollum. I'm going to be on my belly, so that's going to take a bit of practicing. He's an exceptionally beautiful, vain, devilish and also, in a lightly weird way, an innocent character. He's fooled by an invisible midget. It's quite frustrating. There's something quite exceptional about the power he has over people and the imagination of that world that is unlocked in this story."


[MTV Movies Blog]

Rise of the Planet of the Apes Sequel

Original movie director Rupert Wyatt is reportedly leaving his planned next project, the Michael Fassbender starring Russian spy movie Londongrad, so that he can get straight to work on the sequel, which would suggest the Apes sequel is being fast-tracked as much as possible. [Deadline]



Gary Oldman has reportedly passed on the part of the Colonel in Jaume Collet-Serra's live-action remake of the revered anime — though in a recent interview Oldman indicated he was "open to it", so there may be some conflict reports here. In any event, the studio has reportedly now turned to another Christopher Nolan favorite: Ken Watanabe. The Japanese-born Watanabe doesn't seem nearly white enough to appear in this movie, but I guess it's just crazy enough to work. [TwitchFilm]


The Darkest Hour

Here's a behind-the-scenes featurette for the Moscow-set alien invasion film. [/Film]

Woman in Black

Here's a trailer for the ghostly horror movie starring Daniel Radcliffe in his first post-Potter role. You can also check out a sneak peek at the movie here.

Doctor Who

Here are some more promo images for the 2011 Christmas special, "The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe." [BBC]



Warner Bros. TV president Peter Roth says it's too early to tell whether the show will get a fifth season, particularly considering its still dwindling ratings. He does, however, think the show should rise somewhat once DVR numbers are factored in:

"This is a show on Friday nights that audiences love to DVR, and as such we shoot up anywhere from 40 to 63 percent, when you calculate the Live+7. Hopefully that will be good enough for us to continue."


The only problem with that, according to the article, is that there were a number of particular factors that aligned to get Fringe a fourth season, including other shows underperforming and an incredibly generous deal offered to Fox by Warner Bros. to get the show a high enough episode count for syndication purposes, which may not happen this time around. So, bit of a mixed bag on the renewal front, all things considered, and probably not worth worrying about too much either way until much later in the season...though I'm guessing nobody heard that last bit I said. [TV Line]

The Walking Dead

Here are some promo photos for this Sunday's midseason finale, "Pretty Much Dead Already." [ShockTillYouDrop]


Robert Kirkman confirms that Lori's pregnancy is not what Jenner whispered about in Rick's ear at the CDC in last season's finale:

If it was, I would imagine that Rick would have brought that up and wouldn't have seemed surprised. I can say it's pretty safe to say that that's not what he said. I guess we're ruling that possibility out as much as I hate to. That is pretty much not what Jenner whispered.


Kirkman also says it's a possibility that Rick and Lori will have to leave the rest of the group if they want to raise a baby:

Yes. Anything can happen, that's really the appeal of this show. You're living without the safety net of civilization so all bets are off. We've seen that in Shane's behavior and a lot of things with Daryl (Norman Reedus). The fact that this is a group that is living together and surviving together to a certain extent, you can be lulled into thinking that that is the status quo of the show. Moving forward, we're going to be doing things that will be reminding the audience that this is definitely a television show where anything goes and not to take anything for granted. These characters could do anything at any time. Rick and Lori splitting off for the betterment of their children and safety of their family is definitely a possibility.


He also confirms a number of upcoming developments what from what's been going on recently - Shane and Andrea's relationship will continue to grow, Andrea will confront Shane about his past with Lori, their relationship will affect what Andrea has with Dale - which Kirkman suggests might not become romantic like it does in the comic - and yes, those barn zombies will be dealt with real soon. There's more at the link. [Live Feed]

Costar IronE Singleton promises that there will be more T-Dog on the show, if only for a very simple reason:

There are only so many people left in that world, T-Dog has no other choice but to become more prominent. As long as he's alive, you should, definitely, expect more.


He also says there are secrets that will be revealed in the second half of the season that he feels will dwarf revelations like Lori's pregnancy, Shane's murder, or Glenn's sex life. [TV Done Wright]

Both Daryl actor Norman Reedus and the show's extras casting company recently announced that season two has completed filming. [Walking Dead Locations]


Here's some more clues for the midseason finale:

The final five minutes were intense, horrifying and, ultimately, deeply poignant. Elsewhere, two characters (literally) kiss and make up, Rick does something to a zombie he has never done before, and someone makes a surprising return.


[TV Line]


Executive producer Josh Schwartz promises that the series finale, "Chuck vs. the Goodbye", is a fitting and emotional end to the show's run:

"I predict very few dry eyes. Mine did [well up]; it was really emotional. [It's] really, really great. I think that every Chuck fan is going to be very satisfied."


[TV Line]

The show is reportedly casting a German waitress for a late episode, possibly the finale, which suggests either a jaunt to Germany or just the cast has a hankering for wienerschnitzel. [TV Line]



NBC's inexplicable semi-hit will reportedly stick around for a full season, with the network ordering the full back nine episodes for a 22-episode season. NBC is also going to try moving the show to Thursday night at 10:00 PM on December 8, although new lawyer show The Firm is set to take that spot at midseason. [TV Line]



Here are some promo photos for episode ten, "Death's Door", which will air December 2. [KSiteTV]


American Horror Story

Rubber Man's identity will be revealed in this week's episode - which is called "Rubber Man", because really what else could an episode that reveals Rubber Man's identity be called? Anyway, Rubber Man's alter ego will reportedly be somebody we've met before. [TV Line]


And here are a couple sneak peeks for the episode.

Finally, here's a making-of featurette.

The Vampire Diaries

According to IMDB, Daniel Newman will play a character called Daniel Warren in episode eleven, "Our Town." [IMDB]


Episode 13 will reportedly feature a flashback to circa 1491 and Klaus's not quite as evil brother Finn, who will reportedly encounter "a vulnerable Katerina." [TV Line]

Additional reporting by Natalie Baaklini and Charlie Jane Anders.




In regards to Chuck, I want to know why all other NBC shows are streaming online except for Chuck. All the previous seasons were available and indeed the first episode of this season was, but then like a pleasant dream they were gone, leaving only fond memories, and a desire to go back to sleep to see if it's still there.

I am currently without DVR (Kids will break anything with enough time and boredom) so I haven't seen any of them yet outside of the first episode, and it's truly annoying.

I hope it's only on some form of pain inducing extended delay, but the Hulu description for availability is not hope inducing.

It's not even as though you can go out and pay NBC to see them, they're not on iTune, Amazon VOD or anywhere else I could think of to try.

I know I could go to the torrentz but that just seems like a defeatist attitude to take when I try really hard not to do that, I prefer to support the shows I watch with money where I can.

Truly, Truly annoying.