New Dark Knight Rises trailer reveals Bane's explosive machinations!

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Hey, it's the new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises! All the gang is here! Batman! Bane! Gordon! Selina! And holy crap, does Bane hate Gotham City football.


I imagine he's a huge Metropolis Sharks fan. I really hope this movie is about sports rivalries between insane super-genius vigilantes. And can you understand Tom Hardy here? The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20, 2012.


[Via Apple]

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I can understand Bane - I had to listen a second time, but that's it. And English is not my first language. My guess is if they get enough complain about that in test screening, they'll ADR it - not very hard to do.

However, what does Bale says in the underground place with a bunch of stairs before the old man (Is that Michael Caine? I don't think so but he is blurry) replies "Rise"?

Also what is the crowd chanting in the background. That's an epic move for a trailer by the way. Really heighten the tension