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Marvel announces The Avengers will look like total garbage in 3-D

Illustration for article titled Marvel announces emThe Avengers/em will look like total garbage in 3-D

Marvel has announced that its crowning superhero film, The Avengers, will be available in 3-D as well as 2-D next May. But the exciting part is that they've invented time travel, so they can go back in time and give Joss Whedon 3-D cameras to shoot the whole thing in.


Oh, wait. No. Actually, they're just going to post-process the whole thing, resulting in — best case scenario — a bland-looking mess with some noticeable 3-D characteristics and higher ticket prices. This comes just a day or two after J.J. Abrams indicated he wants to do the same thing with his Star Trek sequel. But don't worry, said Abrams: they'll have enough time to do a great job, like with the last Harry Potter movie.

Why, Hollywood, why? Seriously. 3-D is an overused gimmick at the best of times, but at least it works slightly better if you shoot in 3-D. I used to think the hatred for 3-D was just overblown, but now I've been converted. Much the same way The Avengers will be.


There were only two movies this year that looked cool in 3-D: Drive Angry and Hugo. Everything else was a waste.

Thirdly, Disney/Marvel has scheduled an untitled Marvel superhero film for April 4, 2014. Start your speculations now! [Hollywood Reporter]

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Franklin Harris

Actually, the only movie this year that benefited from 3D was Herzog's "Cave of Forgotten Dreams." Strike that. It's the only move in the past decade that has benefited from 3D.