Was Hans Zimmer's Dark Knight score inspired by this musical from 1983?

Did Hans Zimmer pull inspiration for the infamous "Why So Serious" track in The Dark Knight from Francis Lai's score from the 1983 musical Edith Et Marcel? Take a listen to both and decide for yourself! [Thanks Jerome!]



Hans Zimmer is "influenced" (read: rips off) a lot of other composers' work. Check out the comparisons between Holst's Mars and Zimmer's Gladiator Waltz:


Mars: [www.youtube.com]

Gladiator Waltz: [www.youtube.com]

Also themes used in The Battle (which he was sued over): [www.youtube.com] Skip to 1:45 ish and listen to the strings and the rhythms in particular.

His work is becoming as derivative as Danny Elfman (who I love anyway). It's always that same bombastic, punch driven sound. Listen to Pirates, Gladiator, etc. In The Battle, skip to 5:53, it sounds exactly like Pirates of the Caribbean as pointed out in the comments.