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New Amazing Spider-Man trailer looks bloody brilliant

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I know many of us have been suspicious of a Spider-Man reboot, coming so soon after Sam Raimi's trilogy — but damn if this new trailer doesn't look like a lot of fun. You get to see the wise-cracking wall-crawler humor, plus the old-school "Spidey hunted by the cops" action. And there is a lot of action in general, with Spidey climbing bridges and buildings and doing insanely acrobatic stunts.


In a year full of big event movies, this could be a surprising standout — or, it could just be a weak movie with a great trailer. We'll find out this summer!

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One thing I dont get... I know in different comic versions Spidey does or doesn't have the machine shooters...

But how do they work exactly, do they use something from Peters body (cause he still has spider sense and reflexes right?) So why does he need the machines to shoot web...

Help me out here i09ers