Skinless Vampire Sex Parties + Jay Baruchel = The Best Being Human Episode Yet!

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After two episodes that were 99% supernatural jibber- jabber and vampire politics, Being Human finally returned to the dirty kiddie pool we prefer to splash about it. That is, watching people use their superpowers to get laid (or eat). Because let's be honest, if you were a ghost with nothing better to do who could jump into people for sex, there'd be a spectral line rounding the block at the Beckham homestead.

There was so much to love in this episode: the dialog, the surprise guest appearance of the beloved Jay Baruchel, great skinless creature makeup, and another historical vampire flashback. Thank goodness Being Human stopped treading water and started doing the four-legged frolic, we're talking about sex!

First up, HOLY SHIT Jay Baruchel. I have only two types in my life: massive flanneled lumberjacks and tiny shaky Brooklyn babies, so skinny you want to give them a blanket. Baruchel is the staple of cute young boys with excellent tattoos and bitty shoulders. I was so shocked when Baruchel popped up that I shrieked and threw a book at the TV.


So now we have two adorable boys with classic bippity "yipes girls" dialog delivery and a man whose picture pops up when you Google "handsome." My lady loins can not handle it. Just yes, so much yes. To the casting director on Being Human, my email is at the bottom, I owe you a beer.

Luckily for everyone else not enamored with old behind-the-scenes videos of Jay Baruchel freaking out over a roller coaster in Knocked Up, the story was also pretty solid. First, we got to know a little bit about the lion-haired, smooth-talking Henry. Turns out, pre-vampire Henry was bit of a weakling back in the day, as most "cool vampires" so often are. After giving Princess Vampire her pound of flesh (all of his skin), Henry had to spend the rest of his time on Aidan's bed a hunk of vampire meat, bleeding all over the sheets. Loved it.

Aidan, hell-bent on protecting his vampire son, ditched the neosporin and wrangled up a couple of ladies with his vampire brain powers. It was horrifying. Especially when the two ladies woke up and realized they were making out with something from the Bodies Exhibit.

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Alas both of the ladies would have to die, lest they tell the world of the no-skin hump-hump party. Cue one of the better lines I've heard out of this entire franchise as Henry hungrily gobbles the dead girl on the ground, "Five Second Rule!"


So now Aidan's killing again with a blood-drunk kid on the loose. What will happen between these two? I'm not sure, but ever since they ripped off Henry's flesh the whole vampire plot line has been kicked up a notch. Even the actors themselves seem infinitely more energized in these particular scenes than they did wrangling up faceless orphans. I think I might like this Henry.

Meanwhile in puppy love land, Baruchel is a ghost named Stu! Unfortunately for him, he was one of the many victims of the werewolf camping incident that transformed Josh and killed off the remainder of his friends. The whole thing felt very An American Werewolf in London, except Stu wasn't there to haunt Josh, he was haunting Josh's ex-fiance. Creep. After a bit of quick reconnecting, next thing you know Josh is out drinking with his ex and Stu is taking advantage of his ghost abilities, possessing our pound puppy and hopping into the sack with his lady.


Glad his door didn't appear right after he got ghost laid, because that would have been disgusting. The whole thing was sad and desperate, and thankfully Josh used it as his opening to reconnect with his ex that he will probably kill in the next lunar cycle. People are weak, people are awful, people are mean, and people do terrible things when they have power. This is the supernatural soap nonsense I want to watch. I don't need a love story, give me a twisted ghost three-way.

And finally there's Sally. Poor, crazy pants Sally. Turns out, the Reaper was herself. As all difficult to explain situations usually are! So Sally is crazy now, does that mean she has to be reaped? How many people has this trio murdered? Seems like more than 12. Decidedly more than 12.


While I'm slightly disappointed with the whole "Sally isn't here anymore" ghost girl is bonkers plot twist, if that means the Reaper is gone, I'll take it. Even though Keanu Reeves lite could have been used for some interesting Heaven versus Hell, Upstairs/Downstairs backdoor babble, he was just a mad ghost that wanted to kill. And now we know why, because he's Sally, and Sally is supposedly crazy now. So okay! It was pretty entertaining, but I'm not sure how Chin and Cowlick are going to fix this predicament. Until next week, we guess.

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I think most male fans would like to read reviews of shows they like without having to hear the reviewer's opinions about how cute certain actors may be... it's irrelevant to a proper critique. That said, I agree with you. This episode was better than most of the others. However, I think Dark Sally is an interesting plot twist, and I can't wait to see how it develops!