Short film Vessel puts a sick new twist on an old alien abduction story

Check out the short alien creature feature Vessel, which has finally been released online today. We've been following this little flick for years, and at last everyone can watch it. This is seriously fun alien horror.

Here's the official summary from Vessel's website.

VESSEL is a very ambitious scifi / horror short in the vein of Alien, The Thing and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. VESSEL features a blend of old school, practical creature effects and slick, modern day VFX. The story focuses on Liberty Airlines' Flight 298 and its passengers. Shortly after takeoff, the passengers encounter an otherworldly force and thrown into a fight for their lives!

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That was enjoyable! I didn't find it clichéd— The difference between "cliché" and "awesome" is in the execution, and I found the execution to be well done. Some parts were quite chilling! The only part that tickled my pet peeve bone is the idea that a member of an alien race so advanced they can fly to other planets and kidnap planes full of victims would walk around naked, uttering guttural roars. Can't the alien at least be wearing his Insemination Team One ID badge, and reporting his progress in a bored alien voice? But that's just a minor peeve.

I would gladly watch a full-length movie version of this.