I bet you don't remember that both William Shatner and Isaac Asmiov were pitchmen for PCs. Well, people who had "home computers" back in the 1980s do. Here's a collection of insanely great (and greatly insane) computer ads from the days of WarGames and Tron.

Commodore makes software for every member of the family. Almost.

Pictured above.

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15-Megabyte Hard Disk Drive for $2495

Adds 15 million characters of storage, which is 30 times more than Leo Tolstoy:War And Peace's total length.

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William Shatner Commodore VIC-20 ads

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Isaac Asimov with a Radio Shack TRS-80

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10 MB Hard Disk for $3398

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16K RAM turns your computer to a working giant

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Briefcase portability

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Maybe even sexy!

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Unlimited Vocabulary

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By the year 2000, the world may catch up with the way Compuserve's Electronic Mall lets you shop today.

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A New Workhorse from the 1950s and a BASIC ad from the 1980s

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What the heck is Electronic Mail?

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It's a small miracle

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That's why a Commodore 128 is better than an Apple IIc

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