Giant 800-Year-Old Pyramid Discovered Under Mexico City

Illustration for article titled Giant 800-Year-Old Pyramid Discovered Under Mexico City

Fragments of an enormous pyramid built by ancient Aztecs have been uncovered right in the heart of Mexico City. The finding suggest Aztecs moved into the area nearly a thousand years ago, and makes Mexico City into one seriously ancient urban development.


The pyramid is about 35 feet high, and its ruins include a statue of an Aztec god, as well as several rooms full of skulls. This is completely cool in a kind of Chariots of the Gods kind of way. Even cooler is the way this photograph juxtaposes a background of thoroughly modern glass-and-concrete buildings with this chunk of ancient stone literally erupting out of the city's body. Image via Reuters.

Ancient pyramid found [Reuters]


Robert Isbell

wow, that makes you wonder what else we've not seen of our past, and are we repeating it because we either choose not to heed it or fail to comprehend the truth about our past.