"Monster" Travels Through Time, Rips off Cloverfield Before Opening Day

Cloverfield hasn't even made it to theaters yet, and knockoffs are already appearing on DVD. Case in point is Monster, which features a semi-Cloverfieldian cover, although it actually shows the monster — which looks like a ginormous Octopus. The movie features characters running around a city while blabbering about the footage from the destruction appearing on YouTube. If a giant monster starts beating on your city, are you going to take time to upload shaky-cam footage you shot of it? Having the most popular video of the day might not be so important when your ass is on the line.

Holy duplicates, Batman! This couldn't look more like Cloverfield unless they called it Cloverdale and set it in New York City instead of Tokyo. They even use the same font to plug to direct-to-DVD date of 01-15-08. I guess they're hoping that their three day lead on J.J. Abrams' film will fill up their coffers with bewildering video store browsers. Not surprisingly, it's from the same director who brought you Snakes on a Train. We can't wait to see his next flicks: Space Journey and Tungsten Man.

Movie Trailer: Monster - The Asylum's Cloverfield Knock-off [/Film]

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Annalee Newitz

Don't hate on the Cloverfield monster. It's all about what the monster *does* not what it *looks* like. Oh who am I kidding? I only like monsters for their looks.