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Kill Your Foes With Creative Teleportation

The Hayden Christensen teleportation movie Jumper comes out in a month, and of course there's a video game to go with it. You'll play the Jamie Bell jumper character Griffin from the movie, who has a particular bone to pick with the anti-Jumper Paladins who are trying to track him down: they killed his parents. Of course, when you have the ability to hop dimensionally through space, it makes fighting a lot more fun. You can teleport your enemy next to a hungry polar bear, or into the path of a shark in an aquarium. In fact, why not just teleport them into a brick wall? You could even be extremely sneaky like Hiro from Heroes and teleport them into your dead father's grave. The possibilities are endless.


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Since nobody seems to want to play, I'll try to contribute:

a) dropping anvils is always fun

b) how about a volcano?

c) a nuclear pile

d) trapping enemies in George Lucas's hidden vault (where he keeps the good version of Episode I, and the original print of Episode VI [Greedo shoots first])