Become An Unknown Castaway In Lost Game

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Lost will have a truncated season this year, unless some sort of miracle happens with the space-time continuum. So how will you pass the free time you'll have between episodes? Pick up the video game based on the show called Lost: Via Domus which comes out next month.

You'll play Eliott, a character who (surprise!) we haven't seen before. He's suffering from amnesia, and will be sent all over the island solving mini-games, deciphering clues, and yes, even punching the sacred numbers into the hatch computer. You'll find out a bit more about stuff like the mysterious black smoke and the Black Rock ship that's been marooned on the island for years. You'll also interact with the main characters, although they've used soundalikes for most of them, which is fairly lame.

Since we've been wasting far too much time on the Lost viral marketing games, this game looks even more promising. Check out the trailer for it here. However, we wonder if automatonic versions of Jack, Kate, and Sawyer can tide us over. Will we be playing all of our favorite shows as video games in a few months? Come to think of it, we'd welcome the chance to play a cool Doctor Who or Battlestar Galactica game. Keyword being cool.

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the earl of weaver

if ever there's a BSG game, sign me up. and here's to hoping there's a hot coffee mod for a bit of cylon #6 action