Behind the Cybernetics with the Next Terminator Generation

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Bit by bit, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is giving us secrets about Summer Glau's new model of terminatrix, not to mention the T-888 she has frequent run-ins with. Who knew that Terminators needed to sleep, or could digest food? We just thought they were unstoppable killing machines who never knew when to quit. You never saw Arnold's model wanting to regrow his skin, did you? He could care less if he was naked, or even had no skin at all, he just wanted to end you. We give you a rundown of past (and future) Terminators in our intensively-researched, now-declassified report.

  • The T-1 Battlefield Robot was the first ever "Terminator" bot, although it wasn't referred to by that name. It first appeared in T3, and was developed by the Air Force.
  • If you've ever been to Universal Studios and been on the T2 3-D: Battle Across Time attraction, then you got to see the T-70 being demonstrated in a presentation to the audience, before everything goes haywire and they try to kill you.
  • The 600 Series of terminators had "rubber skin," according to Kyle Reese in the original Terminator movie, which made them easy to spot. According to last night's episode of the show, they also had a low resistance to heat, since they weren't made out of coltan.
  • The Arnold Schwarzenegger models were, in this order, T-101, 800 Series, 850 Series. There's been much debate over model numbers, but it is generally believed that the T designation is the model name, while the Series refers to the build of their endoskeleton. Confused? In T2 when Arnie has to reroute his auxiliary power and reboots, his heads up display says "Cyberdyne Systems Series 800 Model 101 Version 2.4."
  • T3 has a deleted scene explainign that all of the T-101 units are modeled after Chief Master Sergeant William Candy, who happens to be Arnold Schwazenegger. Although they replaced his Southern accent with an Austrian one from one of the programmers.
  • Going further into nerdism the novel T2: Infiltrator states that the T-101 series were modeled after counter-terrorist Dieter Rossbach, who Skynet found by searching through military files. His body was deemed large enough to conceal the endoskeleton underneath.
  • The relentless cyborg in The Sarah Connor Chronicles is named Cromartie, and he is a T-888 model. We've seen his headless body find his head, grow new skin, and get plastic surgery. Clearly, he's kind of a badass.
  • In the novels T2: Infiltrator, T2: Rising Storm and T2: Future War there are a T-950 series of terminators who are grown from babies and rapidly aged to become more human looking and acting.
  • In Terminator 2, the T-1000 represented a giant leap forward, giving us a robot made out of a "mimetic poly-alloy," or "liquid metal." Not sure how Skynet suddenly developed this technology, but he could make his arms into giant knives, which was fairly cool. Plus he could disguise himself as other humans.
  • Kristanna Loken portrayed the T-X in T3, and she wasn't just meant to kill John Connor. She was an anti-terminator terminator, and could take out rogue cyborgs with her plasma cannons. This was meant to be a combination of the T-101 and T-1000 series, having a liquid metal skin over an interior endoskeleton.
  • In the novel Terminator Hunt a T-X unit is captured by the human resistance and sent back to the 1960s, where she is supposed to track the Connor family for 40 years. Talk about a nanny.
  • Summer Glau plays an unknown future model of terminator in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and she has the new ability to... eat food! At least corn chips, for now. No idea why a Terminator would eat. We also found out last night that she was built at McGuire Gunnery Range Depot 37. We're sure there are other tricks up her sleeve, and we hope that doesn't mean she can poop as well.
  • When you travel to the future in the Battle Across Time ridefilm, you come face to face with Skynet's core. It's protected by a T-1000000 (or T-Meg), which is meant to be a large group of T-1000s all melded together. It takes the form of a giant spider to try and protect the core, but it does a poor job. Huzzah!


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